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October 13 | Burlington Book Festival, Burlington, Vermont (with Elizabeth Garber)
October 14 | Brattleboro Literary Festival, Brattleboro, Vermont (with David Hinton)
October 20 | Blue Hill Literary Festival, Blue Hill, Maine

Available Now: Legends of the Slow Explosion

Legends of the Slow Explosion is now available through Tupelo Press. Click here for more information, or order the book through Amazon.

"What a trove of delightful and provocative biographical studies. I was reminded, of course, of John Aubrey and his Brief Lives. Wormser writes about an eclectic range of major figures, each of whom lived under the ‘annihilating strength of the shadow’ of nuclear war. . . . They made their lives into works of art, and ‘what goes into the making is boundless.’"
— from Jay Parini, author of Empire of Self: A Life of Gore Vidal

Videos: "Bob Ward" and "Fast Food Incident"

Listen to Baron's poems "Bob Ward" and "Fast Food Incident" in a spoken word/sound context

Also available: "Smoking in Midtown" and "The Tape"

Tom o’ Vietnam

Elegant Grieving: A Review of Tom O’ Vietnam by Baron Wormser in Solstice Literary Magazine

Baron Wormser’s fifteenth book, a novel entitled Tom o’ Vietnam that traces the travels of a Vietnam vet in the fall of 1982. Tom o’Vietnam is a very American road novel but also a disquisition about and investigation of Shakespeare’s King Lear. Like Tom o’ Bedlam, Tom is hiding out, “impersonating a person,” as he puts it. Tom o’ Vietnam blends poetry, history and dark wit as it bears witness to the depths of eloquence and grief, anger and endurance. Books can be ordered through your local bookseller, New Rivers Press, Amazon, and Small Press Distribution.

Video: Tom o'Vietnam Reading

Watch Baron read an excerpt from Tom o'Vietnam at a reading in Hallowell, Maine (December 2017).

"On Contingency"

Click here to read Baron's talk "On Contingency," given at the Interlochen Writers Conference in June of 2017.

Books Available Now

egends“Baron Wormser puts lives on paper in a way I’ve never seen before. . . . Here he is, as Miles Davis exhaling an aching, grief-stricken riff or Willem de Kooning discovering America or, one summer afternoon walking down Broadway, Hannah Arendt. Some of these biographical essays read like a soliloquy, others like a scenefrom a film in which the setting is a mind rendered like a strange yet familiar landscape. There are so many insights about the human
imagination that I was left wondering what I’ve been doing all my life. So much has escaped me.”
—Deborah Baker, author of The Convert: A Tale of
Exile and Extremism

tom“In Tom o’Vietnam, Baron Wormser has created a stunning literary mash-up of a soldier’s fractured survival co-mingled with Shakespeare’s King Lear. This commanding narrative explores the pilgrimage of a young veteran who roams America as if it will lead him to King Lear’s plains of Dover. Mired in ‘the poetry of incomprehension,’ Tom wanders in a helix spun with the intricacies of words and the spaces between them, grappling with the tragedy of Lear to find his way. I was thoroughly engaged in this richly layered story and was equally rewarded to witness a tenderness of love that underscores Tom’s odyssey, and the surprise of my own emotions overcome with a rare kind of love for this character and this book.”
—Eugenia Kim, author of The Calligrapher’s Daugher

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