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Promptings: A Two-Day, Generative, Poetry Workshop with Baron Wormser,

July 7-8, 2023 at Cold Hollow Sculpture Park, Enosburg, Vermont:

One dimension of artistic creation is the conversation artists have with the works in a given genre. These works prompt artists to imagine what their work might be. One work incites another work. Over two days, we will discuss eight poems (four by various hands, four of mine) that display diverse aspects of poetry—its occasions, forms, and tones. These poems will be used by participants as prompts to create their own poems—to enter the conversation. The poems will be handed out one by one over the course of the two days. This is an experiential event—nothing to plan ahead for. Participants will be free (weather permitting) to use the remarkable grounds of Cold Hollow Sculpture Park when they write their own poems and draw additional sustenance accordingly.

Baron Wormser is the author of twenty books including eleven books of poetry and two coauthored books about teaching poetry. He has taught hundreds of workshops over the course of his teaching career.

Cost: $195
Workshop limited to ten participants.
Materials: Whatever you want to write with on whatever you want to write on.
Time: 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Bring your own lunch.

To register fill out the information below and email Baron Wormser at baronwormser@gmail.com. Amount payable to Baron Wormser on the first day of the workshop. If you cancel and your place cannot be filled from the wait list, you are responsible for the cost.

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