NOW AVAILABLE: The History Hotel

"Baron Wormser is a master wizard of world poetry, and his stories in The History Hotel will frighten and exhilarate you while serving their forbidden and diabolic  fruit. In these new poems, each one a multifaceted diamond of irony, pathos, nostalgia, wit, and wisdom, Wormser is riotously and painfully funny as the world teeters on its axis and hurtles toward oblivion. Reading Wormser, we enter a landscape smoldering after bombing or hurtling on its own blind volition. In his elegy for the great Polish poet Zagajewski, Wormser finds a way to acknowledge the positive side of the two-faced coin and contradiction of human action: “‘Thank you,’ you said / To Life and somewhat remarkably she thanked you back.”

—Indran Amirthanayagam, author of Ten Thousand Steps Against the Tyrant

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NOW AVAILABLE: Some Months in 1968

Early praise for the novel: 

Baron Wormser invites readers to move in with the Brownson family of Baltimore for the first six months of 1968 as they struggle to understand what this country is with its Vietnam War, its profound racism, its assassinations, its hypocrisy and inability to know itself. What we learn is enlightening, infuriating, funny, endearing and deeply moving. The Brownsons, without irony or cynicism, are intent on living moral and loving lives in an immoral time in an immoral country. They become some of your best and trusted friends. 

--- Robert Shetterly, Portraits of Racial Justice: Americans Who Tell the Truth 

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Essays and Poetry 

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