Baron Wormser has given workshops throughout the United States on the teaching of poetry at such venues as National Council of Teachers of English conventions in Nashville, Tennessee, and Baltimore, Maryland, the New England Reading Association, Assumption College, the University of Maine, and the city of Worcester, Massachusetts. He has worked in dozens of schools at all levels. Wormser's work with schools stresses the principles employed in his two, co-authored books about teaching poetry. These are an emphasis on reading poems aloud and writing them down word by word, discussion of poems that focuses on word choice and the various aspects of the art of poetry employed in the poem, and writing poems based on the model a given poem presents. He believes that too often the teaching of poetry is reductive and produces fear and anxiety. The teaching of poetry should open students up to the experience of art, an experience that moves outward from the center of individual responsiveness to language. Poetry is a keystone of literacy and should be approached accordingly.

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