Baron Wormser has worked as a freelance editor on poetry, fiction, and nonfiction manuscripts for fifteen years, in addition to being the manuscript editor for CavanKerry Press. Joan Handler, publisher of CavanKerry Press, has had this to say about his editorial work: “His work is impeccable. CKP writers speak of him as the person who made their book the finest it could be. His understanding of poetry and prose is vast—he has taught both for decades and has co-authored two books on teaching poetry—and his skills are enhanced by his ability to communicate effectively and non-judgmentally with writers. His reading/analysis is complete and in depth and his eye is always on the work—what the work needs to be more fully realized—be it fine tuning or overhaul.”

Writers with whom Wormser has worked include Diane Lockward, Howard Levy, Marcus Jackson, Marie Lawson Fiala, Sam Cornish, Jack Wiler, Sarah Bracey White and Robert Cording.

Rates are available by request.

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