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Baron's essay "More" is in Solstice Literary Magazine.

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Best American Essays 2014

Baron’s essay “Legend: Willem de Kooning” is in Best American Essays 2014.

On Dickinson
an essay about Emily Dickinson's presence and spirit

The Valor of My Tongue: Plath and Shakespeare an essay published in the Summer 2013 issue of Plath Profiles from Indiana University Northwest

On Vivian Maier
an essay about a photographer who has set the standard for artistry in anonymity

Magical Thinking and Modern Times
an essay about the kind of cultural quest for knowledge that leads to ignorance

In Praise of Quentin Anderson
an essay published in Solstice, Spring 2012

An Essay/ Review about Mark Doty’s The Art of Description: World into Word
first published in The Manhattan Review, Fall/Winter 2011-12

Vendler versus Dove
a discussion about authority and the task of poetry anthologies

Thoughts on Race and Poetry in America
a response to Major Jackson’s essay “A Mystifying Silence: Big and Black” that appeared in 2007 in The American Poetry Review. Given the recent flap over Claudia Rankine’s response to Tony Hoagland’s poem, I am surmising that the topic remains a vexed one and thought I would post this as a token of my own grappling over the course of my lifetime.

The Arc of Teaching a Poem
a teaching statement composed by Baron Wormser and Dawn Potter (also posted on Dawn’s website)

Introduction to John Haines: Descent
the introduction to a collection of Haines’s essays, reviews, chronicles, memoirs, and poems

The Wire and The Wasteland
an essay first published in The Manhattan Review, Fall/Winter 2009-10

Jack RIP
a remembrance of Jack Wiler

Three Definitions
an essay about teaching three genres—poetry, memoir, and fiction

Foreword to We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders
by Pamela Spiro Wagner, CavanKerry Press, 2009

On the Passing of Hayden Carruth
a remembrance

Mr. Unpleasant and Mr. Pleasant
an essay/review of William Logan and Billy Collins, first published in The Manhattan Review, Fall/Winter 2007-08

Political Poetry
an essay about Robert Lowell’s “For the Union Dead” and “Political Poetry,” first published in The Manhattan Review, Fall/Winter 2006-07

Nonfiction Brouhaha
an essay about writing what’s “true”

On Revision
an essay about a process that doesn’t have to end

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